About us


Celtic Country Wines is a company dedicated to quality food and drink made in Wales. As well as stocking top produce from all over Wales, we produce a range of Fruit Wines, Liqueurs, Vinegars and preserves under the brand name Celteg. We are very much a family business with recipe's passed down from generations.


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At celtic country wines we specialise in turning fruits and other raw ingredients into little bottles of heaven. We source ingredients from all over the world to ensure we get the best quality ingredients all year round, ingredients like fresh elderflowers are abundant in the Welsh countryside so we are able to collect them from our doorstep. As well as Wine, Liqueur and vinegar we also produce our own range of jams, chutneys and marmalades.

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Wine- We ferment all of our wines in 1000L containers of which we have the facility to ferment 4 at a time. The fermentation room is temperature regulated to a constant 24c which will keep the wine (or soon to be wine) at a near constant temperature of 18c. It will take between 2-4 weeks to ferment and is then stored for 6 months to mellow and improve the flavours.



Awards and Achievements

We have had awards from the Welsh True Taste Awards for our Ginger Wine, Raspberry wine, Sloe Gin, Cherry Brandy Liqueur, Damson Liqueur and Welsh Elderport. Our most prestigious award was from the Great Taste Awards, the coveted “3 Gold Stars", it was awarded for our Sloe Gin placing it amongst the top 73 products produced in the UK in 2008 and of course the top Sloe Gin in the UK. Our products have also seen the celebrity lime light by appearing on the Great British Menu on two consecutive years, appearing in Bryn Williams cookery program as well as appearing on a special Christmas episode of “the Royle Family”.


Coffee Shop 

We have a NEW coffee shop on-site. It is next to our winery and gift shop, so you can watch our workers making our Welsh products whilst you enjoy our delcious Welsh Coffee's, Welsh Tea and Welsh Hot Chocolate! We have a selection of delicious Welsh muffins, flapjacks and rockyroad. Come visit us today!



Outdoor seating

We now have outdoor seating avaliable for our customers. You can sit back and enjoy a nice Welsh coffee or a relaxing Welsh Brew. Dogs and children are welcome.  

Outdoor seating