Produce of Wales

After many years in the Welsh food circuit we have made friends producing the finest quality food and drink across Wales. Here we have picked the top producers of beers, ciders, spirits and so much more from across Wales

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Mixed Berry Infusion

15 luxury pyramid bags of Welsh Tea Birds refreshing and invigorating Mixed Berry Infusion 30g

Orchard Gold

Size-50cl ABV-4.9%

Perry Vale

Size-50cl ABV-4.5% Pear Cider

Rapeseed oil

500ml extra virgin welsh rapeseed oil

Raspberry Lemonade

Heartsease Farm Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade 75cl

Seaweed Gin

Size-5/35/70cl ABV-42%
From £21.00

Cardi Bay Best Bitter

Size-50cl ABV-3.8%

Chocolate Stout

Penlon Brewery bottle conditiooned Chocolate Stout real Ale 50cl

Heather Honey Golden Ale

Size-50cl ABV-4.2%

Ramnesia Strong Ale

Size-50cl ABV-5.6%

Stock Ram Stout

Penlon Stock Ram Stout all grain beer 50cl

Orange 33 Range

Size-5/35/70cl ABV-25%
From £21.00