Celteg Elderflower Wine – 750ml (12% ABV)


Fresh elderflowers are gathered for this Elderflower Wine in the peak of summer when the pollen is most aromatic. This  is springtime in a glass, a subtle fresh mouthwatering texture with a fresh flowery nose, reminiscent of a sunny spring morning. Enjoy on ice with a slice of lemon, savour with light meals, or just relax in the garden with a glass of fruit wine perfection.

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Allergen Info

Contains Traces of Sulphites

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Gluten Free
This product does contain traces of Sulphites. However, as Winemakers with over 30 years experience, we produce our wines & liqueurs without any preservatives in order to maintain the authentic regional taste of our fruits.
During fermentation, the yeasts produce sulphites (CO2), although only in small amounts. Therefore, despite no additional sulphites being added, the wine and liqueurs will still contain traces of it. The skill lies in creating conditions (hygiene of the fruits and the winery, temperatures, selection of low-sulphite producing yeasts) that lead to the lowest formation of sulphites possible.
We do however use Sulphites to sterilise all equipment and barrels during the wine making processes, this is common practise in the winemaking industry. However, we are actively looking at other alternatives and hope to eradicate Sulphites from this process.
We also understand that many of our customers want to limit their exposure to chemicals by buying organic food and drink with less preservatives added and we will continue to strive to provide this for all moving forward.
Be safe in the knowledge that this product is vegan friendly. We do not use any fish or animal products throughout the entire process of making this product. This also includes our labels.
Allergen Info